Veterinary Assistant, Crown3

Katrina Riley

Katrina was born in Ocala, Florida, and has always had a love for horses. She didn’t get her own pony until she was 15 from a neighbor shortly after moving to Sadler, Texas in 2016. Her first pony Buttermilk had a mild Colic and that’s how she originally met Dr. Bridget Heilsberg, who from day one taught her everything she needed to know. Katrina previously had shadowed and interned at some small animal practices and very quickly learned she was not made for it.

She joined the C3E team the Tuesday after her 18th Birthday one day a week. After a transition period, Katrina quickly found this is what she loves to do.

When she was not full-time with Crown3Equine, Katrina spent some time learning and working in Equine Rehab, Learning Equine Nutrition, and has been certified in Basic Equine Sports Massage.